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NYC Marathon Cheering Brunch – Central Park South

Quick Details

Person - Premium Window Seating
Person - Main Dining Room

TCS New York City Marathon!

Your heart will burst with pride and joy for your loved ones, old friends, and new friends alike. Join us and be witness to one of the greatest days of the year in the Big Apple; the TCS New York City Marathon! 50,000 Runners from all corners of the world will come together to conquer the 26.2 that runs through all 5 boroughs of New York. You will be amazed and inspired by the emotion and drive that carries athletes of all skill levels to push themselves to the finish line.

At Mile 25, you will watch runners as they begin the final push, the last mile of the race! Central Park South is an incredible vantage point and one of the most lively and exciting spots in the race. Just heading into the home stretch, runners need the roaring, loving, and supportive energy of the crowds just before they dip into the Park to cross the finish line.

Our exclusive event includes:

  • Scrumptious and hearty brunch
  • Unlimited cocktails, soft drinks and hot beverages
  • Premium viewing of Marathoners, close enough five runners as you wish and hold up your cheering signs.
  • Fun entertainment
  • Cheering props and sign making materials
  • Fun photo and social media sharing essentials
  • Tickets to Grandstand while supplies last