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November 2019 – Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

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Looking Ahead t the Thanksgiving Day Parade 11/28/19

If there was an opening party for the holidays, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade would be it. The start of the holidays in NYC means beautiful lights, shopping, parties, and the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The parade is known for larger-than-life ornamental balloons we have grown to love. Each one, as they float by our eyes remind us of years past or certain people we watched the parade with when we first saw them. The new balloons that show up each year draw attention as they are like a gift we will soon cherish the same as the past balloons.

To keep up with the expectations and excitement, this year, Yayoi Kusama, one of the top-selling living female artists will be airing her colorful inflation, “Love Flies Up to the Sky” down the Avenue of the Americas. Her balloon’s design is from her “My Eternal Soul” series. The Macy’s parade began featuring renowned artists’ designs in 2005 and have parade viewers looking forward to each new colorful creation every year.

Be sure to start your holiday celebrations by watching the floats, balloons and performances from the best seats in the house, at one of YVP’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Parties! If you’d like to elevate the experience consider our VIP Passes to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (includes things like brunch, cocktails, and entertainment).


NUTCRACKER in NYC — 11/29/2019-1/5/2020

new-york-city-ballet-the-nutcracker-production-photo-2017-new-york-city-ballet-in-george-balanchines-the-nutcracker. Photo Credit Paul Kolnik (5)_HR.jpg

The NYC Ballet’s timeless classic by George Ballanchine, The Nutcracker opens the day after Thanksgiving. Year after year, this timeless classic is performed for thousands of New Yorkers, tourists, ballet newbies and of course ballet lovers. It is a holiday staple on most everyone’s list and is a main reason Lincoln Center built the stage for Mr. Ballanchine. It was designed to store and display the show’s famous Christmas tree that never ceases to amaze the audience.


WHITE TRUFFLE WEEK — 11/14-11/20


Remember Black Truffle Week in June? Well, now it’s the White Truffle’s turn November 14th through the 20th. A variety of world-class chefs get creative with the winter truffle and for a limited time will offer exclusive white truffle menus. YVP has access to restaurants, chefs, and private chef’s table during White Truffle Week.


00trees06 (1).jpg

If the Thanksgiving Day Parade is the holiday season’s opening party, then the Rockefeller Tree Lighting is the VIP lounge of the holiday season’s festivities. Anyone can watch the event from their TV, but to experience it in person is breathtaking and unforgettable. The tree is stunning, and the air of excitement from everyone at the party is electric. Its holiday magic is often missed due to hectic schedules, travel plans, and overspending. It’s Christmas, Hannukah, New Years Eve and a NYC black tie, style block party all rolled up into the most memorable of your holiday nights. If you’d like guaranteed seats (and some refreshments) then take a look at the YVP Rockefeller Center Holiday Tree-Lighting Gala.

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